Appropriate footwear should be used as inappropriate footwear will accelerate the wear of the artificial grass drastically.

Never use metal spiked shoes or screw in studs on the surface. The use of flat sole shoes is also NOT RECOMMENDED as this will compact the infill and is considered to be more aggressive to the pile and causing early wear.

We will only permit the use of football boots with moulded studs and all 3G footwear. All these types of footwear can be worn in the Swindome and all footwear MUST be sound and clean, e.g. no muddy footwear will be permitted on the 3G surface and all footwear will be inspected before playing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01793 987570 or you can email us email or via our contact page.

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Examples of suitable footwear