The Dome

Webb’s Wood

The dome itself, supplied by Rocklyn Sports, is state of the art and uses the most up to date technology. Using air pressures inside to ‘lock’ the canvas upwards on to the steel cable nets, the dome provides a unique and breath-taking experience.

The playing surface is called Profoot MXSi TLT 40 by Lano Sports and it has been produced with the most modern technology available. The rubber shock pad is 12mm thick and gives a tremendous playing experience. Its made using the strongest possible yarn which means that the pitch will play consistently well throughout its life and with the addition of soft polymers it makes it comfortable to fall and slide on. The combination of both the shock pad and the carpet makes the surface sympathetic to ligaments and provides improved long term performance.

We are very proud of our facility, we want to make it loud and clear everyone is welcome, you don’t have to play football, just come down and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere in our viewing gallery.

The dome